Looking for a General Contractor? Hire Mark Dunnett

April 30th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Our company is a well-known national retailer focusing on expanding locations in the Midwest region of the U.S. To assist our growth, we diligently reviewed several general contractors, eventually hiring the services of Mark Dunnett whose resume represents over 34 years of commercial building experience. A review of his qualification statement reveals thousands of commercial projects completed across an array of commercial sectors, including restaurants, fitness facilities, high rise interiors, well known retail chains, grocery stores, office towers, etc. He is incredibly seasoned and his level of experience speaks volumes to his knowledge and standard of excellence in the building business.

Our projects are underway and proceeding at a fast pace, and I have never been more impressed by a general contractor. Its true Mark Dunnett has incredible knowledge and knows the ins and outs of building a building, but so do many contractors. What has our company most impressed is Mr. Dunnett’s sincere and ongoing commitment to servicing us and the needs of our projects with the highest degree of quality and integrity. He is trustworthy, reliable, creative and true to his word. He has overcome challenges that would have stopped others in their tracks. He has actually made our projects enjoyable! It is no wonder his references speak so admiringly, and he and his team are so highly reputable.

Thank you to Mark Dunnett for a steadfast commitment of service to our company and for being an integral part of our growth and success. In just a short amount of time you have proven to be the most talented and sincere general contractor our company has used in over 15 years.

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